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My name is Victoria White. My passion for words has shaped my life. I used to teach and translate, but since 2002 I have been working virtually and remotely, offering affordable, accessible communication services to business and the not-for-profit sector.

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Professional writers can research just about any subject to create content or copy that is clear, concise and compelling. 

Virtual: the efficient way to work in the 21st century

Some projects do not require a full-time employee on site, but they do require expertise, skill and reliability. I believe in virtual and remote work because I have been doing it successfully for over 12 years. The online tools available today make it even easier to hire virtual and remote professionals.

Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC)

Editors' Association of Canada (EAC)


I say, let's get it done!

"The only reason for

being a professional

writer is that you

can't help it."



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