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Clients Are Saying...

"Thanks so much for capturing the main direction of Child Honouring's mission in a very eloquent way."



"The writing collaboration worked out so well that we not only helped them with their 30-second pitch, we helped define what they were as an organization. It was so flexible and well written that it allowed them to incorporate several parts of it in their communication and funding material. Thanks, Victoria."




"Wow…you blew me away. The case is incredibly beautiful. Thank you very much. I am beside myself with excitement."



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Pat Christie, CFRE

Senior Consultant, The Goldie Company





Jeff Chow, Creative Director, Provoq, Inc.

Victor Deyglio

The Logistics Institute


"Great work and thanks for another excellent Case."

                                                                                                                        Glen Welch,

    Senior Consultant, The Goldie Company

“Outstanding work again (as usual). Thanks Victoria. Even having worked with them for some time now, I feel I know more about them than I ever you accomplished a great CASE for them.”

Jim Watson, The Goldie Company, Regional Manager, Vancouver